Gunholder 1.0

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Gunholder 1.0


Safe & Secure

The Gun Holder 1.0 securely holds your firearm against your vehicle door interior whether the door is open or closed.  With Velcro strapping, you firearm is safely secured yet easily accessible allowing you to know that when you get to the field your are ready for the hunt.

Complete Versatility

The Gun Holder 1.0 is a generally universal door mount that quickly attaches to your door without any need to drill holes to secure the device.  With a snug fit application you are able to mount your Gun Holder to any interior door without damage to your vehicle.

High Quality Steel

The Gun Holder 1.0 is made of high quality steel and is MADE IN THE USA!  Components that come in contact with your firearm or vehicle are rubber coated for protection of your firearm and your vehicle.

Fully Customizable

The Gun Holder 1.0 is designed to hold most shotguns and rifles, including double barrel shotguns, slug guns and rifles that have scopes mounted to them.