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During years of pheasant hunting trips to South Dakota, where firearm transport laws are fairly unrestrictive, we felt we needed a safer way to transport our hunting firearms while still having them readily accessible. The idea for The Gun Holder was drawn on a bar napkin for many years before we decided to move it forward. The first prototype was built in 2011 and the business started in 2013.

Most gun holders that we found were designed to mount in the center of the vehicle cab and most were intended to be permanently affixed to the vehicle. Like many sportsmen we use our vehicles for hunting on the weekends but also use them during the week for work. We wanted something that was easily installed and easily removed without damage to the vehicle. The Gun Holder is easily installed and removed without any drilling or damage to the vehicle. The product is rubber coated to avoid damage to both the vehicle and the firearm.

Whats in store for the future? The 2nd generation of The Gun Holder involves a unit which holds two firearms and rests on a bench seat in a vehicle or a UTV. As with the original Gun Holder the unit is easily installed and removed with no permanent alterations required. Future ideas include a dog kennel mount for temporary positioning of a firearm while dogs are being handled in a vehicle.