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About The Gun Holder

  • The Gun Holder is the brainstorm of two Midwest outdoorsmen who desired to have a safe and secure method in which to transport their uncased shotguns and rifles in a vehicle, while still having them readily accessible for hunting.
  • The Gun Holder concept started in the 1990’s with the first prototype built in 2011.
  • The Gun Holder is a generally universal, door mount gun holder that quickly attaches without drilling or screws to avoid damage to your door interior.
  • The Gun Holder is designed to hold most shotgun or rifle models including over-and-under double barrels, side-by-side double barrels, slug guns with scopes and rifles with scopes.
  • Made of high quality material, right here in the USA.
  • Securely holds your gun against your vehicle door interior whether the door is open or closed for safety, and quickly releases to allow accessibility.
  • Works for cased and uncased firearms.

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